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Brazilian Rosewood
Brazilian Rosewood

Brazilian Rosewood

(Dalbergia nigra)

Brazilian rosewood...the holy grail of tonewoods... is highly desirable, exceptionally rare and heavily regulated. It is regarded as one of the finest tonewood; hard, stiff, and highly resonant with a glass-like ring that sustains. It's a very hard, heavy wood that produces a loud, warm, rich tone, with full deep bases, and brilliant trebles, know for it’s sustain and clarity. 

Brazilian rosewood is an endangered species, and has been illegal to harvest since 1964. Instruments are still being made from Brazilian, due to a very limited supply of Brazilian that was harvested prior to the 1964 ban. However, legal instruments must have the appropriate CITES paperwork, proving that the harvested wood landed in your country prior to the ban. 

Less expensive, more readily available substitutes include East Indian Rosewood, Madagascan Rosewood, Cocobolo and Honduran Rosewood and Ziricote.

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