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(Platymiscium spp)

This wood has a nice purple brown color reminiscent of Indian rosewood, except that it does not have the straight lines that Indian has. The heartwood may have blacks, violets, reds and oranges, frequently streaked. Grenadillo does have a subtle wavy figure & a bright responsive and ringing tap tone.  It is a good Cocobolo or Rosewood replacement.  Hard, dense, and heavy, it is good for fingerboards. Takes a high natural polish.


Similar to Cocobolo, another name for Granadillo is Mexican Rosewood. Not a true Rosewood, it is commonly used by many in South America for instrument building under the name Macacauba . Dense, straight, and closed grain structure combine to produce bright tap tone with good sustain. Wood darkens to Rosewood colors. Some have sapwood centers. Best Grade is quarter sawn. Second grade sets are rift or flat sawn with pin knots - beautiful color & character at a good value. 

Clear, ringing notes with long sustain.

There are several subspecies and they vary some.


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