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Old Growth Redwood
Old Growth Redwood

Old Growth Redwood

(Sequoia sempervirens)

Old Growth Redwood Soundboard

Old Growth Redwood is an exceptional quality wood (from trees over 500- 1000 years old). Our wood comes from logs left on the forest floor (that we know of) when the forest was first logged between 1880 and 1910. The all-heartwood Old-Growth is extremely resistant to decay, insects, and remains perfect after lying outdoors for up to 140 years! Some of these trees were alive over 2,500 years ago. Unfortunately, because of over-logging, very little of this precious wood is available anywhere anymore.

All of Our lumber have tight grain because the trees grew extremely slow in a competitive environment , more than 25 annual growth rings per inch (often up to 50 rings per inch). Our Grades are select clear-heart, mostly vertical grain (the most stable).

Old-Growth Redwood has no peers in terms of decay resistance.

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