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Platymiscium spp.

Granadillo, also known as Coyote, Macacauba or Trebol, is the common name most frequently applied to the quality hardwood that comes from several species within the Platymiscium genus. All are quality hardwoods providing exceptional character, color and tonality. 

Granadillo is prized for its reddish brown coloring that routinely includes blacks, violets and oranges mixed in; it has proven itself time and again as a premiere choice for both musical instruments and furniture alike. Heartwood color can be highly variable, ranging from a bright red to a darker reddish or purplish brown, frequently with darker stripes. When the wood is referred to as Hormigo, various suffixes are used to describe the heartwood color:  Hormigo Negro  for darker pieces or Hormigo Rojo for orangish red pieces. Clearly demarcated sapwood is yellow to white. Granadillo emits a caramel like scent when worked. It is also an excellent alternative to Cocobolo for those who do not wish to deal with the excessive oil and potential allergic reactions that true rosewoods sometimes induce. Typical straight grain patterns with some irregularity, it is also known to have frequent figuring.

As with all Platymiscium species, the heartwood is also extremely resistant to fungi and termite attack, which is due to its content of secondary metabolites.

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