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Top Sets

Top Sets

Top Sets (soudboards) are hand "book-matched" in order?to assure consistency and visual appeal and are available in three sizes: Classical, Steel-String, and Jumbo (not as common).

The "soundboard" is the top of an?acoustic guitar?and plays the most critical role in determining the overall tone and projection qualities of the instrument. Spruce has historically been the wood of choice for acoustic flat-top guitar soundboards. However, Redwoods and Cedar are commonly used in soundboards?by?guitar-makers?with great success.

The following is a summary of woods commonly used in soundboards, and the characteristics of each:
  • Spruce:?Crisp high end. Big bottom-end. Lots of volume.
  • Cedar/Redwood:?Brilliant, "bell-like" tone.
Classic 530 x 200 x 4.5 mm 20.87 x 7.87 x 0.18 "
Western 550 x 215 x 4.5 mm 21.65 x 8.46 x 0.18 "
Jumbo 560 x 230 x 4.5 mm 22.05 x 9.05 x 0.18 "

** Dimensions can vary from top to top.?Please contact for exact sizes of YOUR tops.

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