In The Beginning….





Making Your Masterpiece

GJ Tonewood knows how to turn logs into the wood you will use to sculpt your masterpiece:

  • GJ Tonewood has its world headquarters in New Berlin, WI, USA .  Today, GJ Tonewood, exports its wooden parts to many in the Guitar manufacturing industry – world over, Especially to Canada, Latin and South America, Europe, the Far East and yes even it’s home country of The USA. GJ Tonewood has the expertise in manufacturing that many wooden instrument manufacturers require. We offer guitar solid sides & backs, guitar veneer sides & backs, guitar fingerboards, guitar bridges, guitar veneers, guitar head plates, violin, viola, cello and bass fingerboards in ebony, violin, viola, cello and bass tell pieces, pegs, chin rests in ebony, rosewood and box wood and much more. With over 40 years of experience, today GJ Tonewood can handle the varied specifications that each of our clients require…  with precision, quality and prompt delivery.
  • GJ Tonewood deals with the most exotic wooden parts for classical and steel string guitars, violin, viola, cello, and bass. We export some of the world’s finest wooden musical instrument parts made of East Indian Rosewood and Indian Ebony.