Bone Guitar Bridge Pin w/Brass Dot


3 Degree Bone Bridge Pin w/ Brass Dot

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Guitar Bridge Pins:

Bridge pins secure your acoustic guitar’s strings by holding each string’s ball end against your instrument’s bridge plate. The string curves around, passes through your bridge, then runs over the bridge saddle. It’s important to ensure that the string’s ball end is firmly anchored to the bridge plate. Otherwise, the string will slip and cause the pin to pop out of the bridge. And it pops out fast " fast enough to put an eye out!


These cattle bone pins are harder than wood and are not endangered.  What are the best bridge pins for acoustic guitars? Well, acoustic guitar bridge pins are constructed from a wide range of materials. Lower-end guitars often include plastic acoustic bridge pins. Higher-end instruments come equipped with wood, ivory, metal, TUSQ, or bone pins. Each material offers a different tone. Higher-end materials yield better sustain, increased clarity, and added volume. Bone is a  lower cost alternative,  but a great substitute for Ivory counterpart..... although sonically speaking, they are identical. They are fairly unassuming in appearance, but still offer a nice improvement over factory-installed plastic or wood pins. High quality old-style lathe-turned bridge pins in genuine bone.


3 degree have been a popular choice for many of the high-end custom luthiers as it has been commented that it is easier to provide a good fit with a wider variety of strings with this taper. There are a lot of myths and arguments about the sonic effectiveness of the pins.  Here's the truth.   On some guitars, the pins have produced definable, measurable and unquestionable  acoustic advantages.  On others the results showed negligible difference.  In any case, you're putting a better quality, longer lasting, better looking component in your guitar.  The most commonly found attribute of the pins is increased sustain. 

- All pins have a 3-degree taper.

-Sold in packages of 6.

***There are always sets that don't make the final cut in appearance, and I keep them aside and discounted as "factory seconds."  I'll be happy to let you know what's available, as it changes constantly.  This is a convenient way to give some fully functional, ugly ducklings a home and save some $$!***

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