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  • Radial Rosettes: Making a Basic Pattern
    Radial Rosettes: Making a Basic Pattern
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    Radial Rosettes: Making a Basic Pattern   *Note: The jig used in this tutorial can be constructed using the plans provided at this link: Radial Rosettes: Building the Radial Rosette Maker. I cut my scrap material (In this case, Zebrawood) into 2″ strips. I prefer the material to be approximately 1/8″ in thickness, give or take [...]

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  • Installing the Rosette
    Installing the Rosette
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    Installing the Rosette   Measure out and mark the center of the soundhole on the soundboard. I do this by tracing the outline of the form on the soundboard and measuring (in this case, 149 mm) from the top of the outline down the glue joint of the bookmatched pair. The jig on the left side [...]

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  • Jointing and Joining the Plates
    Jointing and Joining the Plates
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    Jointing the center seam of the soundboard is often the very first thing I like to do when I receive parts from a tonewood supplier. There is no better way to get acquainted with your soundboard-to-be than taking thin, wispy shavings off of it with a handplane.

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