Indian Ebony Premium Grade Sanded Bare Wood.
  • Indian Ebony Premium Grade Sanded Bare Wood.
  • Indian Ebony Premium Grade Sanded Bare Wood.
  • Indian Ebony Premium Grade Sanded Bare Wood - wiped with Mineral Spirits.
  • Indian Ebony Premium Grade Sanded Bare Wood -Wiped with Mineral Spirits.

Indian Ebony Fingerboard Grade AA


Indian Ebony Fingerboard

Grade AA 70/60

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GJ Tonewood, LLC

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Indian Ebony Fingerboard Dreadnought

Grade AA

70mm-60mm Tapered

Size 530X70/60X10MM
20-3/4X2-3/4 - 2-3/8X3/8

Ebony grading system:

 (Based on EXTERNAL appearances--generally the inside is the same but not always)

Ebony can vary somewhat in density. Variances from .80 to 1.16 are possible. What today is called ebony is probably not the wood called by the Egyptians and in the Bible as ebony. It seems that African Blackwood (a Dalbergia spp. – Rosewood) was the wood they were referring to. Ebony is darker however.

Grade AA:

Very black wood that is almost all black on external surfaces even before finishing, though different people have different opinions of what black is so look at pictures before buying. Very occasional tiny off-color areas allowed if overall very good black. Very Black wood with occasional tiny brown areas (or sometimes AA grade in most areas but A in some others) that are noticeable when looking at the exterior of the bare wood.

**Some vendors take A or B grade wood and cover it in thick wax to make it appear they have AAA grade, WE GRADE BASED ON THE BARE WOOD COLOR, WHICH IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT AND BASED ON OUR COMMITMENT TO HONESTY.**

*Each Sold Separately

*Photos are typical of what you could expect when purchasing.

*Sizes may vary slightly.

Ebony is a member of the diospyros family. In the older trees, the wood is very black accounting for the reputation of this wood. Colors in actual pieces vary quite a bit with at least a little brown being seen in all but our upper grades. Truly black pieces are extremely rare now. Almost ALL Ebony these days has some quantity of Mineral Spots.


 Treating mineral:

It is fairly easy to make the mineral almost invisible as you can see from our before and after photos. After giving the board its final sanding with 400 grit paper, we brush on a coat of muriatic acid, which is something that can be picked up at a hardware store for about $5 for a lifetime supply. You can see the acid attacking the mineral as it soaks in and dries. After that apply some fingerboard oil and voila! The board featured in the images was one of the worst boards we had and now the mineral is virtually undetectable!

Untreated Ebony

Treated Ebony

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