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  • Indian Laurrel Back and Side Set
  • Indian Laurrel Back and Side Set

Indian Laurel Back and Side Set - Steel String


Indian Laurel Back and Side set 

Grade A - Dreadnought Size

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Indian Laurel Back and Sides

Botanical Name:Terminalia tomentosa

Distribution: India, Southeast Asia



The Indian Laurel lives in the shadow of India’s main export product, the Rosewood, but it should not be overlooked. This wood is denser than Tulipwood and has surprising sonic potential. The wood is very attractive visually, although it doesn’t have as much variation for each peace as the one found in the Indian Rosewood. It has a characteristic strong and uniform brown color that is increased by slightly variegated dark lines and a very subtle cross grain figure although some pieces change and have a lighter background color. Due to its density and stability it produces a very harmonic and stable sound. In the case of Indian Laurel Guitar  Backs and Sides, most of the time we will find cut pieces with straight grain or quarter cut, however, occasionally we can find pieces partly flat cut due to the size of the trees. The cutting of these woods give the instrument an incredible beauty even though we know it is ideal for the sound and the instrument stability. Side bending is similar to Indian Rosewood an we have had no problems in our shop. It finishes, machines, and glues well. Some sets will display fissures along the grain line. They appear as cracks at first, but upon closer inspection, you will see that these very narrow openings are bonded together by the tree's natural fiber and resins. You will need to fill the tiny openings before finishing, however there is no cause to be concerned about the wood's long-term stability, or its ability to bend normally and successfully.


Quality: These pieces are not classified by qualities and are included within a medium standard of quality, in other words, when we select them we reject the cracked pieces, with serious defects, or broken or useless ones. Therefore, we will always find good pieces that can have some varying visual qualities - always taking in account variations in color or visual patterns. Sides will be hand matched to the best of our abilities with backs. 



Size of these sets:


(Back)                   530 ~550 x 210~220 x 4.5 mm  - 2 PCs/Set

                              20-21 x 8-8.5 x .18  - 2PCs/Set


(Side)                   830 ~850 x 130~140 x 4 mm  -  2 PCs/Set

                              32-33 x 5-5.5 x .15  - 2PCs/Set

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