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Brazilian Rosewood #0505
  • Brazilian Rosewood #0505

Brazilian Rosewood Back and Side No.0505


Brazilian Rosewood Back and Side No.0505

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Brazilian Rosewood Back and Side No.0505

Botanical Name: Dalbergia nigra

Distribution: Brazil

Our Brazilian Rosewood sets are one species... Brazilian Rosewood- for the backs and Sides!!! No mismatched sets here!

Brazilian Rosewood (Dalbergia nigra), one of the rarest, most sought after rosewoods in the World, has an almost legendary reputation among guitar builders, renowned for its acoustic properties and elegant, colorfully patterned grain.  It has been called “the Cadillac of woods”. So, what’s so special about it, and how did it come to have this revered position in the guitar world? Brazilian rosewood was one of the finest woods to be found in the Atlantic forest. It is highly prized for its valuable heartwood, which has been used for decorative veneers, high-quality furniture, musical instruments, tools, and craft products. 

Brazilian Rosewood has long been considered the premier guitar tonewood by both luthiers and guitar players. There is no denying that it satisfies every time. Tonally Brazilian Rosewood guitars express the entire range with deep rich basses, clear bell-like trebles and a symphony of sounds in between. The colors of wood can be anything from jet black to dark with shades of rust orange or purple hues or deep browns with darker contrasting streaks. The black streaks can sometimes form a unique grain pattern that is sometimes referred to as “spider-webbing” or “landscape,” very similar to ziricote. Lighter yellowish sapwood is clearly demarcated from the heartwood.  Brazilian rosewood has a uniform, medium to coarse texture with medium-sized open pores. The grain tends to be straight, but can occasionally be interlocked, spiraled, or wavy. These pieces are sanded. Brazilian Rosewood works and glues well.

--Sets ship via UPS due to Length--

--This is the EXACT set you will receive--

Size of this set:

(Back)                    559 x 216 x 4.7-6.4 mm 2 PCs/Set

(Side)                     851 x 127 x 4.7-6.4 mm    2 PCs/Set

** Dimensions can vary slightly. Please contact [email protected] for exact sizes of YOUR back and side sets.**

**Ships via UPS due to Length**

**Each set sold separately**


As of 2017, ALL DALBERGIA is on CITES. We will no longer be able to ship DALBERGIA wood Internationally. 

*Each Set Sold Separately 

*Photos are the EXACT SET you are purchasing.


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