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Neck Blanks
Neck Blanks

Neck Blanks

The guitar neck blanks we stock are an exceptional, instrument grade piece of wood. Many instrument makers, along with other specialty woodworkers, find these boards to be a great start to a perfect finish, a perfect instrument.... your Masterpiece!!

Guitars vary greatly in sound, look and playability.? It's the luthiers' goal to combine sound, look and feel to create the next masterpiece. A good stiff, resonant neck with a silky feel is an important component. Our guitar neck tonewoods help make that goal a reality. Tonewood is the term generally used to designate wood with desirable and consistent resonant qualities, used in the making of musical instruments. The tonewood selected for a solid body guitar neck is an important factor in the way it sounds. Each tonewood species and cut has its own unique characters.

Make your next guitar one of a kind...your Masterpiece. Every neck sold by GJ Tonewood is visually unique and distinctive - even within the same species vary greatly in color, contrast and figuring - all special within their own right. All are exotic, beautiful, unique and superior.

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