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Cello Gut String Set
  • Cello Gut String Set
  • Cello Gut String Set
  • Cello Gut String Set

Ecoosa Cello Gut String Set - Normal


Ecoosa Gut Strings

Set: Normal Cello Gut String set

Plain End

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GJ Tonewood, LLC

ADGC String Normal Set

Diam 118/156/245/280

Length 140 cm

Normal Gut String Set

Plain (pure) unwound gut string is now available. Gut strings provides a warm, rich tone quality, and complex, colorful sound with the plentiful overtones produced when played. Plain (pure) gut strings (unwound) are used on stringed instruments with Baroque set-ups (the E, A, and sometimes D strings on violins; the A and D and sometimes G of violas and cellos).

Ecoosa String Size Chart

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